Mother Earth

Mother Earth

 · Mother Earth in British English. (ˈmʌðəʳ ɜːθ) noun. the Earth considered as a living being and the provider of all that is on the Earth. plants often haven't time to grow as Nature intended and enrich themselves properly with nutrient goodness from Mother Earth. Collins English Dictionary.

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Mother Earth is the one who provides us with everything we need to sustain ourselves. And she does so unconditionally, without asking anything in return. She gives us freely all that she has with no second thought, just like any loving mother would to nurture and protect her offspring.

Mother Earth. Contexts.. Proper noun. The personification of the Earth as a loving mother. (religion) The goddess of the earth in various cultures. Noun. The whole body of things observed or assumed predating human technology, production, and design. more.

Mother Earth (magazine), a magazine founded by anarchist Emma Goldman. Mother Earth (journal), a journal published by anarchists John G. Scott and Jo Ann Wheeler. Mother Earth News, a bi-monthly American magazine. Mother Earth Publishing Association, a publisher closely .

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